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At Britten Inc, we’re dedicated to serving our customers needs and enhancing their experience at every opportunity. We continuously strive to earn the Customer’s trust and exceed their expectations with each and every project.

Britten’s Services and Installation company is constantly seeking the best, like-minded, customer service driven individuals and companies to join our Certified Installer Network.  Britten Certified Installers are a critical part of the Britten Services and Installation team. We rely on partnerships with outstanding local contractors to keep our business thriving.

Why become Britten Certified?

As a Britten Certified Installer, you benefit from Britten’s advertising, marketing promotions, and sales people—giving you the opportunity to work with customers that have already awarded their project to Britten Inc.

We handle the promotion, customer service, and project management, allowing you to focus on the work, rather than the sales process. So what does this mean for you?

It means great things:
  • no marketing costs
  • no sales negotiations
  • no sleepless nights

Not to mention the possibility of more revenue with less overhead!
As a Britten Certified Installer, we send you high-quality and fully qualified work. You can spend less time chasing leads and more time working on billable projects. Rest assured, any project you receive from Britten is legitimate and pre-qualified, plus:

  • We take care of the entire acquisition process, allowing you to spend your precious time working on projects rather than searching for them.
  • We provide the customer service and administration—from customer support to accounting, we have the project covered.

In a nutshell, we handle the details… you save you time and focus on your business.
Slow or non-paying projects can have a devastating effect on your business and personal livelihood. As a Britten Certified Installer you can count on receiving payment quickly after successfully completing and closing a project.
Our staff of customer service professionals takes care of customer concerns, questions and complaints. You can rest assured that you’ll get high-level support when you need it, and since we take care of billing and receivables—you can always count on receiving payment for your work when the project is complete.
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How to get started:

Apply to become a Britten Certified Installer today, and unlock new revenue streams, open new business opportunities, secure more work, and increase your revenue.

Applying is easy:

  1. Download the Application Form.
  2. Submit your Application
  3. A Britten representative will contact you to guide you through the process
  4. Start enjoying the benefits of being a Britten Certified Installer!

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