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Fendi Baguette Bag Anniversary | Fendi Pop-Up

New York, New York


“It’s not a bag, it’s a Baguette,” quipped Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex in the City,”—forever immortalizing it as a fashion staple. Conceived by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the prominent fashion clutch is commemorating its 25th anniversary and is the feature for the Fendi winter 2022 capsule.

To celebrate, Fendi unveiled a New York pop-up boutique, situated at 90 Prince St. in the heart of SoHo. This 1,850 square-foot space was transformed to showcase the Fendi Baguette collection. Teaming with agency Innercity (IC-YA), Britten WoodWorks would craft the essential elements to transform a vacant storefront into a playful pop-up befitting the Fendi brand.

The principal feature would be oversized reproductions of the Baguette itself, fitted for product merchandising display. True to Britten’s capabilities, creating this larger-than-life design adds amusing dimension to the space.


Using formed plywood as the core interior and Brittens's Foam3D™ elements to construct the compound curves and edges, Britten WoodWorks crafted outsized replicants of the iconic handbag—detailed down to the flap, clasp, and signature sleek edges.

Spanning 10’ high and 12’ wide and equipped with floating shelves and ready-to-wear racks, each Baguette was integrated with 3000K LED lighting to house and highlight the collection’s pieces.

Configured in three sets of match pairs, two in jewel-tone green, two in light pink, and two in Tiffany blue, each were color-matched to the exacting hues of the rest of the Fendi interior.


By entrusting Britten WoodWorks, Fendi conveyed its aspirations for a phenomenal pop-up and its brand perception. The finished detailed interior cemented Britten WoodWorks as a complete idea-to-install fabricator and capable partner to shoulder the weighty brand presence of Fendi.

The results demonstrate Britten WoodWorks' ability to produce refined finish details that match highly stylized brand expectations with the technical demands of retail merchandising. From concept to installation in just four weeks, expediate skilled work is another benefit of partnering with Britten, Inc.

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