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Get the community pumped about a construction project the way an “Excuse Our Mess” sign never could. Transforming your entire building into an advertising or promotional space is a surefire way to raise your brand's profile into the stratosphere. Big as all get out, building wraps cover-up renovations and unsightly architecture, gluing the eyes of passersby who can’t help but notice and think, Whoa! That’s cool.

From high-rise structures, museums, hospitals, to luxury buildings like New York’s 250’ x 400’ Plaza Hotel, our fearless team of creatives, fabricators, and certified installers (available nationwide) have covered it all. Partner with us and get the state-of-the-art printing and manufacturing capability that delivers maximum brand impact at any-size.

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Patented AdMesh™ lets light
and air pass-through
Conceals renovations
and protects workers
Lets inside occupants
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In the early 1970s, after introducing a new non-woven moisture-barrier material called Tyvek®, DuPont popularized the term building wrap in the construction industry. Today, the term also describes large vinyl banners that are bolted directly to the masonry walls of building.

As the world of digital Inkjet® printing evolved in the mid-1990s, advanced applications such as extra-large decals, perforated window films, and a variety of vinyl and mesh fabrics were used to print and fabricate building wraps to conceal unsightly aspects or to display large-format advertisements.

While similar in material and camouflaging function, scaffolding wraps made of Britten’s unique Architectural Mesh™ technically differ in that they attached directly to scaffolding outside the building. Scaffolding wraps are printed on 50-70% open mesh that has been flattened to receive ink on the visible surface and are essentially transparent to the building occupants.

In common use for decades by contractors in Europe, hiding ugly scaffolding with beautiful and interesting Architectural Mesh™ imagery is fast becoming in vogue here in the U.S.A. Nearly all cities require contractors to install mesh over scaffolding to meet safety protocols and to prevent any construction debris or tools from falling to the sidewalks below

Huge building wrap on the Plaza Hotel during construction
Large building wrap on city building
Building wrap promotion on the outside of a building


Unrivaled tensile strength. Higher-level flame, tear, and UV/fade resistance. And super-vibrant color for imagery or messaging that’s impossible to ignore. Nothing tops a building or scaffolding wrap constructed with unique Architectural Mesh™. A long-lasting solution for large-format branding and advertising, this special blow-through vinyl material—combined with super-reinforced hems/anchor points for unmatched hanging strength—defy unpredictable winds, suddenly changing weather, all to deliver beauty and hassle-free function for the life of your construction or renovation project.


Got a construction project in the works? Whether you’re looking to conceal renovations or just transform your entire building into a promotional space, let our team help make your next project the talk of the town. You bring the vision. We deliver the talent, service, and 35 years of proven experience necessary to transform any building into powerful branding real estate.

They explain clearly the questions and potential issues within the order before anything is started! Britten's service, quality, and speed are great - Thanks for everything you guys do!

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