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Introducing the all-new TexClad™ textile cladding system by Britten Inc, the first turn-key integrated textile enclosure system.

TexClad™ employs a patented hardware system coupled with high-strength textiles and exclusive ColorArmor™ coating. Crafted from large-format textiles, the TexClad™ system offers vibrant imagery with a seamless presentation that competitors are unable to replicate—at a price point other products can’t match.


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Less than half the cost of
traditional metal perforated mesh panels
Meets all fire-rating standards &
adaptable to any air-flow building requirements
Guaranteed to withstand the weather
and look amazing for 15-20 years
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Modern look. Renovate any existing structure or integrate textile building cladding into a new development. Adding appealing character to any plan or ordinary building, these architectural building façades are designed to last and provide compelling dimensionality to nondescript structures.

  • Create rectangle, square, curved or geometric shapes
  • Perfect for parking decks, garage structure screens, and miscellaneous utility enclosures
  • Innovative façade embellishments for hotels, retail & residential buildings
  • Upgrades blank office buildings into compelling architecture

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We're here to see it through. Backing our revolutionary product with renowned service, Britten can provide the assistance, expertise and assets you need to bring any ambitious façade to fruition.

  • Design, engineering, printing, fabrication, delivery, installation, maintenance, and warranty
  • In-house fabrication, high-resolution digital printing, radio-frequency welding and metal forming
  • Nationally trained and OSHA certified installation and on-site services
  • Commitment to exceeding all building code requirements for air-flow and flame retardancy and help contribute to LEED initiatives

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High Strength Textile Fabrics

Invest in the best. TexClad™ employs the leading high tension engineered textiles to ensure that your architectural design is made to endure

  • Sourced from highest quality European textile manufacturers
  • Hi-tech mesh designed for long lasting building cladding application
  • Sourced from carefully selected raw materials, this mesh is unmatched in resistance, durability and air permeability
  • High-tenacity fabric is imbued with ColorArmor™ coating technologies, empowering any graphic treatments to withstand the sun and elements for at least 10 full years

Closeup of the Textile Fastening System | Outside Corner
Textile Cladding Fastening Systems Closeup

Architectural Grade Hardware

Hold fast. The TexClad™ hardware system can accommodate nearly any façade configuration, resulting in limitless possibilities that remain taut and secure.

  • Architectural-grade aluminum mounting and tensioning hardware for superior longevity
  • Compatible modular hardware able to create nearly any configuration of architectural façade
  • Engineered for maximum textile hold and tensile retention keeping building cladding fabric taut and seamless
  • Hardware guaranteed for the life of the building

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How it Works

The Britten System. TexClad™ is a fully integrated, turn-key building façade system. Committed from the onset to the final installation, here's what Britten will provide:

  • Renderings and design assistance
  • Comprehensive turn-key pricing proposal
  • Full shop drawing following design approval
  • Wind-load and structural engineering analysis
  • Site visit and field condition verifications
  • Manufacturing all aluminum profiles to exact specifications
  • Printing, coating, and fabrication of architectural textiles
  • Delivery to site
  • Aluminum extrusion installation
  • Attachment and tensioning of textiles
  • Client inspection and approval
  • Authorization of warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your mesh have a 50% Openness Factor?

Architects and engineers understand that the National Building Code requires any open parking garage to be at least 20% open. Britten has conducted comprehensive testing to assure that our products offer 51% openness factor.

It should be noted that when calculating the 20% open factor, you must consider all solid walls, bulkheads, low-walls, columns, and any other solid features of the design that restricts or prevents airflow.

Britten can advise the proper mesh to use on your structure to meet the "openness" requirements of your jurisdiction.

What are PTFE and PES, and what do they mean for building façade projects?

PTFE stands for "Polytetrafluorethylene," fabric and has been utilized for years in tensile architecture. Known for its flexibility, the fabric is ideal for projects requiring malleability such as retractable roofs. Due to the chemical makeup of the fluoropolymer coating, it is highly resilient against environmental and exterior exposure. PTFE is best suited for small and mid-sized projects and is often employed for roofs, facades and other retractable applications.

PES stands for "Polyethersulfone" fabric which is more commonly known as Polyester Scrim. The base material is a woven high tenacity polyester scrim with a flexible PVC coating that encases the polyester fibers on all sides.

Britten TexClad™ typically uses PES which includes silicon-like polymers to provide superior dirt repellence, fire retardancy and protection for UV-exposure fading. This makes the open mesh fabrics, durable, light, air-permeable and highly durable to extensive exterior exposure.

Open-mesh fabrics can accept a wide array of colors and tensile strengths and are becoming increasingly popular for fabric façade applications, and are the most economical material in tensile fabric and membrane architecture.

How do you suggest we clean our TexClad™ Fabric Façade?

Our façade fabric is coated in a substance similar to "Rain-X™," meaning it inherently repels the adhesion of dirt, dust, fungus, mold, and mildew.

Due to the proprietary coating, natural rainfall will assist in cleaning the façade surface. For a more direct cleaning, a simple solution of soap and power-washing every 3-4 years will keep the fabric looking clean and fresh.

Does Britten’s TexClad™ system satisfy LEED requirements for architects?

As an architectural façade system which covers the exterior of the building, TexClad™ helps satisfy LEED initiatives by:

How does the TexClad™ warranty work?

Unlike most architectural graphic warranties, Britten Inc is offering a full replacement of any mesh panels that have been properly maintained and that may be damaged, or faded due to natural elements, excluding weather deemed extremely severe by the National Weather Service, including:

The Britten difference is that the Britten warranty is not a scaled warranty—meaning it does not depreciate over time. Britten is a fully vertically integrated company, meaning we control the entire process and dictate our own terms, including our own warranty. In comparison, our competitors rely upon subcontract for printing, fabrication, and installation and must adhere to numerous and varying warranty standards for each product and process.

The Britten Promise is that if your TexClad™ façade is damaged or faded by any natural causes, Britten will repair or replace the fabric and/or hardware at no additional charge for the full term of the warranty assuming proper annual maintenance has been upheld.

*Damage not covered by our full warranty includes damage caused by vandalism, smoke, or fire, or damaged caused by hurricane force winds.

Does TexClad™ meet all flame-resistance and/or non-combustibility requirements?

Yes, TexClad™ high-strength engineered textiles are non-flammable and meet the requirements for fire protection class A2.

Are there limits to what can be printed?

No, the possibilities are nearly limitless. All solid color, pattern and full photographic printing is produced by Britten high-resolution digital printing resulting in high quality and vibrant imagery on all textile materials.

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