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OVIO™ Banner Frame

Display your brand with OVIO™ banner frames

The OVIO™ banner frame system is a versatile, heavy-duty banner frame solution designed to accommodate prints up to 26 feet high and 130 feet wide, offering a wide range of application possibilities. Its user-friendly design allows for simple installation on various surfaces including wood, brick, block, metal, and EIFS, ensuring hassle-free setup. With no hinges or moving parts, the system provides quick installation while maintaining perfect tension on the media every time.

It can be mounted flush on any wall or used as a standalone structure with prints on both sides, offering flexibility in display options. The standard durable, milled finish surface withstands harsh weather conditions, including major winds, freezing temperatures down to -31°F, and extreme heat up to 176°F, making it suitable for outdoor use in various climates. Additionally, each frame comes with a precise media design template, ensuring accurate and efficient customization for every installation.

Clean and discreet, the OVIO™ banner frame is the ideal support structure for visual displays. The grommets and fasteners are completely masked for a sleek presentation, and it’s never been easier to install and take down.

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Can be mounted to wood, brick, block, metal, EIFS surfaces
Holds prints up to 26’ high and 130’ wide
Can be installed flush on any wall, or as a stand-alone structure with print on both sides

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