Four Reasons to Use Hanging Ceiling Banners | BannerDrop™ |
Wide Hanging Banner | Airport Banner Advertisements Wide Hanging Banner | Airport Banner Advertisements
Wide Hanging Banner | Airport Banner Advertisements

Four Reasons to Use Hanging Ceiling Banners | BannerDrop™

It came from above! Take advantage of underutilized overhead space and save on maintenance costs and headaches with a BannerDrop™ hanging banner display system!

High-traffic areas are premium real estate for advertising, but usually come with the hefty price tag to match. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to get creative with your display package, seek your answers from above—with hanging ceiling banners! Learn how the easy to install BannerSaver™ system from Britten can keep costs down and have your brand engagement, and customers, looking up

What’s Up? | BannerDrop™

There’s good reason overhead spaces are underused for hanging ceiling displays. Frankly, they’re a pain to put up. Unless it’s a permanent installation, changing out ceiling mounted promotion material can incur maintenance costs and become more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s why Britten has come up with the BannerDrop™ hanging banner system. Integrated with an internal remote-controlled ceiling motor, BannerDrop™ makes changing out displays a breeze!

After initial installation, hanging banners and branding material can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. Available in a standard model that can accommodate up to 35 lbs, and a heavy-duty option that can handle a substantial 140 lbs, a BannerDrop™ can open up display options without increasing your overhead!

A functional solution designed to take advantage of hard-to-reach places, here’s a few ways a BannerDrop™ system can be a gift from above for your brand promotions!

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1. The Case for Overhead Space

Overhead display space is tough to reach. Installing hanging ceiling displays usually entails access to specialized equipment like a scissor lift. Pair equipment rental with coordinating after-hours installation to avoid business disruption and it’s easy to understand why ceiling spaces are often left bare.

But these blank spaces present fantastic branding opportunity with less competition and often at a cost savings! Whether it’s a shopping retail center, an airport terminal, conference center or beyond, expansive venues boast ample ceiling space that’s ideal for hanging displays. Outfit this unclaimed real estate with a full configuration of BannerDrop™ systems and your investment up in the rafters can have returns for years to come!

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2. You Should Take the Stairs

Stairways, stairwells, and escalator corridors also pose a great opportunity for hanging displays! Ferrying thousands of patrons everyday as they make their way, staircases and escalators are natural high-traffic funnels.

However, these tight, angular, and heigh-ceilinged spaces can pose significant challenges for maneuvering installation equipment. Conquer these difficult heights with a BannerDrop™. Affixed to either the high walls or tall ceiling, once implemented, simply lower, change, and raise your next branding promotion as needed. Transforming troublesome locations into towering achievement, a BannerDrop™ can put your brand messaging in high-traffic locales that others can’t reach.

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3. Get A Height Advantage

Along with overtaking unoccupied space, hanging ceiling banner displays can seamlessly blend into existing promotional campaigns. Whether that includes massive banner frame displays stretching along retail corridors, tactfully placed standing displays or even parking lot light pole banners, hanging banners can be an integral asset for a full branding strategy.

Affording dynamic dimension with high-visibility, an overhead display attached to BannerDrop™ hardware adds a creative element to any broad-reaching promotion. With hanging ceiling banner print work that can be color matched to any campaign and synched to any brand standard, messaging that has customers looking up is a positive asset for reaching engagement goals.

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4. Make a Quick Turnaround

A hanging display doesn’t do much for your brand if it just collects dust year after year. Not being able to change out messaging due to accessibility can negate the advantage of promoting in underoccupied space.

Keep your hanging displays fresh and up to date with your campaign with the BannerDrop™ system. Made to remotely raise, lower, and effortlessly change displays, the BannerDrop™ is ideal for agile campaigns and keeping pace with seasonal promotion.

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