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CAST Jewelry: Cast Clutch Luxury Retail Display


CAST Jewelry, a burgeoning brand in the high-end, luxury jewelry industry, recently approached us seeking our expertise to conceptualize and fabricate eye-catching luxury retail fixtures for their growing brand. Using our experience in fabrication, we set our minds to creating something that aligned seamlessly with the CAST Jewelry brand but created a truly unique and memorable retail shopping experience. CAST Jewelry and Britten collaborated very closely throughout the process to ensure that the fixtures not only served a functional purpose but also contributed to elevating the overall aesthetic of the brand.


We provided comprehensive turn-key services, seamlessly guiding the project from concept to installation. Working with CAST Jewelry and Varlands Architecture, the Britten team made sure that every aspect of the fixture design aligned with the brand's vision and objectives for their campaign. The goal was to provide a product replica piece of the Cast Clutch and custom luxury retail fixtures that displayed their products in a unique way to encourage curiosity and help the brand standout as shoppers passed by the display.

The solution we came up with was not only innovative, classy and stylish but also highly customized to meet CAST Jewelry's specific functional needs as well. The fixtures themselves were designed to be fun and playful, reflecting the brand's distinct, artistic aesthetic. We employed a diverse array of techniques and materials to achieve the desired look and functionality, including custom millwork, LED lighting, RFID locking systems, and Foam3D. Overall, the campaign was a huge success which helped further establish and reinforce the CAST Jewelry brand identity.


By integrating a number of complex design elements, we were able to replicate the patented cast clutch curved design and create dynamic product displays that ensured security through RFID locking mechanisms but encouraged interactivity with the fixtures through the inviting, accessible and quirky design. This holistic approach and commitment to design, form and function resulted in fixtures that not only showcased CAST Jewelry's products beautifully but also provided a memorable and engaging shopping experience for customers. Britten was the answer for this up and coming brand looking to create a one-of-a-kind retail shopping experience to stand out amongst the crowd.

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