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Large 3D Foam Sculptures | Large Sculpture of Logo Large 3D Foam Sculptures | Large Sculpture of Logo
Large 3D Foam Sculptures | Large Sculpture of Logo

6 Sports Fan Engagement ideas with Foam3D™

Make fans remember more than just the game score with these victory formations!

The final score may end up in the annals of sporting history but it’s the overall experience that will endure in the memory of attendees. But for most, the thrill of attending the big game begins long before they enter the stadium gates. From raucous pregame tailgates to esteemed alumni reunions, sporting events have as much to do with the atmosphere as it does with the final outcome.

Create a memorable experience for loyal fanatics and offer your sponsorship partners impactful promotion opportunity with Foam3D™ sculptures! Crafted with exacting CNC foam sculpting technology, Britten can create any foam prop, sculpture, or brand logo you could imagine! Ideal for inside the stadium, along the concourse, or that VIP tailgating area, check out a few ways you can leverage Foam3D props to win fans over!

Custom Foam 3D Letters | University Selfie Sign

1. Give Me A…! | Foam Letters

Spell out your team name or that primary sponsor with foam letters! Spanning near the stadium entrance or outside an exclusive tailgate, foam letters have automatic draw and generate outsized notice for your team or corporate partner!

Available in any font and almost any size imaginable, Britten can expertly craft your messaging to perfectly suit any festive environment. Whether its brand logos, slogans, or a trending team tagline, massive foam letters are certain to create in-person notice and online social presence!

Photo Op Sculpture | 3D Wings Sculpture for Selfies

2. Huddle Up! | Selfie Signs

Throw your arms around one another and gather up—in front of a foam selfie-sign! An easy but lasting keepsake from the game day extravaganza, a selfie with friends in front of an oversized school emblem can commemorate the event and can create a social media stir for your brand or sponsor.

Made from lightweight 1.5 pound density foam and finished in a durable hard coating, these foam selfie-signs are easily transported, stored, and can endure extensive fan interaction. A highly-visibility brand element, selfie signs make fan engagement simple and provides eventgoers with a memorable image to keep as a priceless souvenir!

Foam 3D Pride Letters | Interactive Sculpture Large Custom Foam3D Football for Florida Georgia Football Game

3. Play Maker | Foam Props

Encourage some creative play with gigantic foam props! Adding some cheerful dimension to any sporting event, brand sponsored fan zone, or organized alumni tailgate, a large foam prop reproduction can be a key play for driving engagement.

There’s something naturally enticing about ordinary objects overblown to comical proportions! Make a football the size of a Volkswagen or have college students ogling over the largest bottle of vodka they’ve ever seen! Designed to be a fun interactive set piece, oversized foam props can add a playful dynamic to your pregame brand party!

Foam 3D Pond Prop | 3D Weatherproof Letters

4. Pond Skimmer | Foam Props

Sink your putts on the course, not your displays in the pond with a floating foam logo! Ideal for golf promotors and PGA sponsors, a massive brand foam logo set adrift in the middle of a course water hazard is as about as obvious as a battleship in a bathtub.

Make plenty of noise without disrupting a single backswing with these iconic emblems! Custom made to match your brand imaging and color schemes, a floating foam logo is the perfect sponsorship element to pair with any golf tournament or tour event!

Life Size Foam Statues | Styrofoam Sculptures

5. Legends Are Made | Foam Life Size Statues

Long after an all-star player departs the locker room for the last time, their legacy will continue to endure. Honor MVPs, record-holding coaching staff, or historical victories with foam life-size statues! Able to be carefully crafted to embody the exacting likeness of legacy figures, a foam life-size statue can be the perfect tribute to individual and sporting program triumph.

Beyond commemorative pieces, take advantage of the advanced CNC technology, dutiful color-matching paint application, and hand-crafted finish to sculpt out an iconic mascot or campus legend! The perfect asset to forever immortalize the towering figures of any storied sporting program, foam life-size statues are the perfect commemorative piece without the artist commission price tag.

3D Mascot Sculptures | Sports Team Entrance

6. A Grand Entrance | Foam Sculpture

Produce some gladiatorial fanfare and herald the arrival of the home team with a stunning foam sculpture entrance tunnel. A massive and impressive presentation piece, a custom foam sculpture archway replete with flaming pyrotechnics, plumes of stage smoke and tactfully placed lighting can make the team runout ritual truly highlight worthy.

Able to be integrated with stage elements and practical mobile frameworks for enhanced portability, these custom set pieces are marvels of stagecraft and are perfect for pregame theatrics. Tailored to a headlining half-time performer or a prestigious presentation ceremony, custom foam sculptures can add all the allure of an amusement park to any arena or stadium.

For 37 years and counting, Britten has produced innovative signage and promotion solutions for the PGA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR. Click here to get a custom quote. To speak to someone about Foam3D letters, selfie-signs, props and sculptures, call 885-763-8203 or email