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Large Foam Letters | Big 3D Letters Large Foam Letters | Big 3D Letters
Large Foam Letters | Big 3D Letters

LVMH Watch Week 2024

Step into the world of luxury timepieces as we recount the unforgettable experience of the 2024 LVMH Watch Week.

Lartisien asked Britten to transform a private mansion on the iconic Star Island, Miami into a luxury watch release party during "Miami Watch Week". This prestigious event brought together aficionados and industry insiders alike, with distinguished LVMH-sponsored brands—Tag Heuer, Zenith, and Hublot—taking center stage. From the moment guests entered, they were enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and innovation, with each brand showcasing its distinct brand identity with custom-designed rooms. Britten transformed each of the spaces, relying on our expertise in high-end, luxury event branding.

SEG & Media Walls

Strategically positioned SEG standees and walls throughout the venue showcased the distinct logos of each brand, effectively reinforcing their presence and identity. These standees weren't merely decorative; they were informative signposts, guiding guests through the event space and highlighting the diversity and prestige of the participating watch brands.

Together, the media walls and SEG standees played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience, creating a cohesive and visually engaging environment that celebrated the heritage and craftsmanship of the showcased brands. By prominently featuring brand logos, these elements not only added aesthetic value but also strengthened brand recognition.

Conference Room Temporary Wall | Branded Modular Wall LVMH Standee | Outdoor Standing Banners Outdoor Standing Background | Large Branded Standee

Foam3D™ Letters

The eye-catching Foam3D™ letters we created weren't just decorative—they were a powerful branding tool that added significant value to the overall experience from a brand engagement perspective. Instantly recognizable, they set the tone for the entire event, reinforcing the prominence of the LVMH brand in the minds of attendees.

Beyond aesthetics, our foam letters served as a stunning photo backdrop, sparking engagement on social media and extending the reach of the event far beyond its physical location. Their presence not only elevated the visual appeal of the space but also reinforced brand identity and created memorable moments for all who attended. Foam letters were more than just decor at the LVMH Watch Week, they were a strategic investment to enhance brand recognition and social engagement.

LVMH Foam Letters | Large Outdoor Standing Letters Large 3D Letters | Foam Letters for Events

Wooden Slat Walls and Displays

Throughout the mansion, custom millwork pieces were incorporated into the design to warm up the spaces and create cohesion throughout the custom event environment. We built everything from the custom counters and product displays to wooden slat walls and architectural features. These custom fixtures effortlessly blended into the surroundings, adding a touch of refinement to the atmosphere. From design to installation, we created the perfect balance between visual appeal and functionality.

Milled Shelf | Custom Wooden Shelving Slat Wall Display | Wooden Partition

Temporary Walls

Temporary Walls played a key role in defining spaces in the mansion to fit the event's needs. They served both as temporary walls and large canvases to display imagery, effortlessly dividing the mansion into distinct branded spaces. Each area was uniquely branded to reflect the style of the featured watch brand, creating a seamless transition from one luxurious experience to the next. From Tag Heuer's sleek and modern vibes to Zenith's timeless elegance, and Hublot's bold statement, Temporary Walls provided the perfect canvas for showcasing each brand's identity within the grandeur of the mansion.

Temporary Wall with Logo | Professional Temporary Wall Branded Temporary Wall | Temporary Wall with Door

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