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Britten Prints Large Format Vinyl Portraits for The Face Of Immokalee

Immokalee, FL


It’s easy to be swept up in the coastal delights of Collier County. Located in southwest Florida, the region is rife with idyllic ocean frontage, lush golf courses and luxury retail—a landscape renowned for recreation and leisure. But beyond the beaches and high-profile real estate is the diverse and hardworking community of Immokalee.

Hoping to capture the essence of Immokalee and heighten the profile of its inhabitants was Naples-based photographer Michelle Tricca. Specializing in portrait photography, Tricca sought to create a body of work that was representative of this diligent and often overlooked population within Collier County. In need of a skilled partner that could provide large-format prints that accurately reflected her portrait subjects and proudly presented The Face of Immokalee, Michelle Tricca turned to Britten Inc.


Ms. Tricca’s artistic endeavor involved taking over 250 voluntary portraits of Immokalee residents spanning individuals of all ages and occupations. To heighten visibility, these finished portraits were also to be displayed within the community they represented as four separate pieces—two as 50-foot murals and two more adorning the length of semi-trailers to function as mobile displays.

The stationary murals were to be mounted at the Lipman Family Farms facility, a national leader of growing produce. For these 50-foot murals, Britten employed a resilient vinyl, mounted with extruded aluminum hardware to affix to the exterior for the Lipman building. Utilizing high-resolution digital print, these massive murals produced a portraiture composite—a yearbook like profile of the dozens of individuals that make-up the vibrant Immokalee population.

To create a lasting and secure mobile display for the semi-trailers, Britten used several TruckSkin® display systems. Specifically engineered to attach to the side of truck trailers, these interchangeable displays are a viable and durable product for mobile messaging. Spanning the entire length and rear of the semi-trailers, these portrait collections would serve as mobile exhibits, carrying the message of Immokalee around the state with each delivery.


Unveiled at a ceremony in the heart of Immokalee, the four art installations completed by Britten neatly conveyed Ms. Tricca’s portraiture and project intent. Printed in high-resolution relief upon sturdy vinyl substrate, Britten provided the ideal medium to promote The Face of Immokalee.

“In general, the inhabitants of Immokalee are overlooked, under-recognized and unseen,” quoted Michelle Tricca in a Florida Weekly article. “I’m hoping people will look up close rather than gloss over an anonymous person and be inspired to talk to someone who has a different lifestyle…It’s really to connect humanity.”

Responding to the recent public artworks, residents of Immokalee were also satisfied with Ms. Tricca’s portraits. “It brings culture and awareness of the arts and faces of Immokalee” said Gloria Padilla, a longtime Immokalee resident. “She captures everybody. It’s so inclusive to what we have in Immokalee.”

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