Nationwide Coverage for T-Mobile |

Nationwide Coverage for T-Mobile


Everyone knows “Black Friday” and the weeks that follow is now an annual spectacle. Advertisers make their biggest push during this festive holiday season. In particular, out-of-home ads put marketing messages in front of holiday shoppers at the point of purchase where they are likeliest to spend.

'Twas a recent holiday season, when T-Mobile teamed up with the largest shopping mall developer, Simon Property Group, for a nationwide holiday campaign.


These large-format print ads are customized, often specific to the property where they are found and known in the industry as “indoor spectaculars”. These might include earthquake arches in Tacoma, elevator wraps in Albuquerque, and recharge towers and soft seating lounges in Atlanta and Boston respectively.

While the size and application might be unique, all printed media bears the same vivid pink with white snowflakes, and all were carried out by Britten's world-class production capabilities and well-oiled national installation network—in place by Black Friday.

Several standard systems were pioneered by Britten. For example, the fabric media screen now found in many soft seating lounges is a Britten innovation.

SkyBanners are hung in heavily trafficked food courts and corridors from Britten’s patented ceiling hoist system, BannerDrop. Another product developed by Britten is the Infinity Standee, which brings together a borderless framed system with luxurious, double-sided SEG fabric prints.


The campaign proved to be enormously successful and was well received. The client, their agency, the malls and their patrons were all delighted by the colorful and entertaining holiday campaign by T-Mobile. Britten was uniquely able to deliver that message nationwide. Feedback included, “Looks great. Our client loves it. Our compliments on execution.” “OMG LOVE!” “Awesome.

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