The Frankie Shop | "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" Retail Pop-Up |
Mirrored Storefront Decal | Custom Store Facade Mirrored Storefront Decal | Custom Store Facade
Mirrored Storefront Decal | Custom Store Facade

The Frankie Shop: "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" Retail Pop-Up Takeover

In an exciting collaboration with the Frankie Shop, Eyesight Media and Crosby we took on the challenge of The Frankie Shop's newest venture, a pop-up retail location branded as 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood'. Situated in the heart of West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, this one-of-a-kind retail pop-up shop aimed to captivate and inspire fashion aficionados and design enthusiasts alike with a unique, eye-catching immersive experiential marketing event.

We handled the design, build, and installation, seamlessly bringing The Frankie Shop's vision to life. From the exterior window decals to the interior luxury fixtures, themed props and custom design elements, our expert craftsmanship shines through, elevating every aspect of the Frankie Shop installation. The Frankie Shop's latest venture is set to leave a lasting impression on all who enter its doors, inspiring creativity, sparking conversation, and redefining the intersection of fashion and design.

Mirrored Storefront Decal | Custom Store Facade Mirrored Store Window Graphic | Custom Window Decals Pop Up Storefront | Mirrored Storefront Window Decal

Exterior Facade

One standout feature of the installation is the interior and exterior mirror wrap, which adds a touch of contemporary flair to the installation. Reflecting the vibrant energy of West Hollywood's iconic surroundings, the custom window decal mirror wrap created a striking visual impact, an optical illusion that commanded the attention of anyone in the vicinity. Britten also incorporated custom elements into the design that elevated the space such as custom foam letters on the exterior.

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backlit LED wall displays

The installation also boasted perimeter LED wall displays. Illuminating the space with diffused accent lighting, the custom backlit LED wall served as both a focal point and a privacy wall staying true to the theme of a meeting room. As 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood" makes its debut on Sunset Boulevard, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation.

Backlit Panels | Retail Design The Frankie Shop Interior View | Office Space

Luxury Retail Fixtures

We made custom luxury fixtures for each of the desks, with each component seamlessly integrated into the design, captivating visitors and immersing them in the brand's unique look and feel. We also provided custom wall-mounted monitor displays and other custom themed props to capture the moment before movers take away old office items, the installation features stacks of binders, monitors, office chairs and water coolers.

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