BoxPop® Replicates Harry’s House |

BoxPop® Replicates Harry’s House

Austin, Texas


You may be familiar with Harry Styles. Former boyband member turned soloist debonair popstar. Performer with a magnetizing presence on and off the stage. Conductor of electrifying concerts to sold-out arenas. That Harry Styles. Having just released a highly acclaimed studio album, and currently in the midst of a whirlwind world tour, it could be said that Mr. Styles is enjoying a moment of unprecedented global popularity. One prominent stop of this continent-trekking tour was the Moody Center in Austin, TX this October. A town renowned for its own eclectic fair, this sold out arena was packed to the brim with the Styles faithful. Often camping out the day (or days) before gates opened, once admitted into the arena, there were hours of downtime for fans before Harry would take the stage. Hoping to occupy the time and attentions of devoted concertgoers, Hannah Baker of the Moody Center concocted an interactive set piece in miniature. Looking to recreate scenes from Style’s music videos, the Moody Center entrusted BoxPop® and the Britten Events team to replicate Harry’s House into an experiential event that would promote fan engagement and let them envision themselves as extras on a Harry Styles music video production.


The Britten team started with a 20-foot single container as the template for this set design. A drop stage door was cut and installed along the container length, allowing the full interior to be viewed and utilized. Next a finished partition was framed through the center of the container, creating two juxtaposed sets that could be viewed simultaneously. On the right was a finished bedroom scene, complete with brooding navy floral wallpaper, a clean white coiffured accent wall, complete with installed flooring. This bedroom set was later staged with furnishings to round out the retro inspired, cozy aesthetic interior. The left side was a true spectacle. Drawing direct inspiration from the Harry’s House album cover, the team recreated an inverted living room scene. Complete with a fully carpeted ceiling with lounge chair, midcentury modern couch, and end table with lamp mounted upside down, the result was an upending experience that paid close homage to the album artwork. Accented with a groovy, amorphous meld of vibrant sherbet oranges, sweet reds, and bubblegum pinks, the exterior of the container was befitting of the 70’s inspired, forward blended palette and aesthetic of Harry Styles himself.


The result was a widely popular space for Styles fans to photograph and experience. Inserting themselves into either half of the presentation, concertgoers could envision one another as cast members within the highly curated world of a Harry’s House reality. Perfect for selfie’s along with actual interaction with the set pieces, it was an immediate draw for fans who sought to deepen their concert experience and was a magnetizing focal point for entrants looking for something to do before the show. A substantial addition for the Moody Center venue, this curated portable set piece was a highly successful element of fan engagement, connecting individuals with the mood and vision of Style’s new album, and helped to enrich the concertgoing experience.

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