Light pole banners advertising an outlet mall.
Banner Saver light pole banner brackets taken apart with parts labeled.
Banner Saver light pole banner brackets and custom banners for an aquarium.
Light pole banner brackets and custom banners for the London Olympics.

Light Pole Brackets

Hardcore Branding Hardware.

Get the world’s most advanced, spring-loaded, banner-bracket system and make your outdoor advertising last longer. BannerSaver™ is the original, leading-performance banner hanger—aluminum forged and wind-tunnel tested to spill 87% of the wind. Next time you’re in downtown Chicago or New York and see a banner on a light pole, check out the hardware. It’s probably one of ours.

Found on college campuses, big and small towns throughout the country and the world, American-made BannerSaver™ is the bracket specified by city engineers on six continents because it reduces light pole maintenance and repair costs. Plus, city or university banner programs can be swapped out quickly and easily.

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Patented, wind-release
Spills 87%
of the wind
Makes outdoor advertising
last longer

All three of our account executives are AMAZING to work with. They always go above and beyond in assisting on projects and want our creatives to be perfect! Appreciate the teamwork!

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