foam3D™ fauxidermy

Traverse City, Michigan / July 1, 2021


When Britten, Inc. wanted to revamp one of their office spaces, the Foam3D team decided to push the limits and create something truly realistic to showcase their sculpting abilities, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. Being from Northern Michigan, where hunting and fishing are ways of life, they figured a fauxidermy deer head trophy would suffice.


The team created the 2.5’H x 1.5’W foam centerpiece, using 3D-modeling, Rhinoceros® software and FROGMill™ CNC milling equipment. For extra durability, they 3D-printed the intricate antlers and ears out of PVC material. After foam-fabrication specialist, Jennifer Marcussen, hand-sculpted the deer to perfection, the crew hard-coated and painted the deer head matte black, the antlers satin, and glossed the eyes.


“I love seeing people’s jaws hit the floor when I tell them that Jennifer spent two days hand-shaping the whole thing,” says Foam3D Product Manager, Jessica Kalbfleisch. “Although the piece is small in the scope of what we can do in foam, it really shows off the level of skill that we have on our team. Plus, it just looks so cool in the office and pulls the space together.”