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Delta Hosts Free Airline Ticket Contest

Atlanta, Georgia / July 30, 2018


To highlight Atlanta United’s connection to the world of soccer, official team sponsor, Delta Air Lines® along with global sports agency, Octagon, partnered with Britten to create a once-in-a-lifetime brand experience for fans, customers, and Delta employees.


Concept a unique travel contest and FOAM3D™ build to turn the Mercedes-Benz Stadium pitch into a globe with seven “goals” representing worldwide travel destinations: New York, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg and Seoul. If a fan connected a shot into any of the corresponding goals, they would win a trip to that city.


Delta senior vice president of global sales, Bob Somers, called the event a way to “capitalize on our partnership with Atlanta United.” Thousands of customers and soccer fans entered a sweepstakes for the opportunity to participate. Some 20 Delta Air Lines® employees were also selected. Atlanta United players joined and coached fans during competition, which inspired social media shares and local/national media attention.