Helping NFL Players Rush The Field In Style |

helping nfl players rush the field in style

Denver, Colorado


Up until the 2017 season, Denver Broncos players sprinted onto the field from the locker room through a huge, inflatable tunnel. It was puffy, a little cartoonish, and “looked like a blimp” Game Entertainment Manager Liz Coates told Michigan Radio/NPR. “So, we wanted to have a better representation of our actual logo.”


Designed and fabricated by Britten in conjunction with Activate, Inc., the new, menacing Broncos heads were carved out of foam blocks using in-house FOAM3D modeling equipment, spray-coated with a durable protective layer, and painted to withstand the elements. Combining foam, truss, and pyrotechnics, the entire structure could be set up and broken down quickly and create a dynamic experience for stadium fans and those watching on television.


The structure is part of a pregame ritual that, while it’s only a couple minutes long, represents a big moment for NFL team. “It is on a national stage a lot of times,” says Coates. “It’s what TV uses when they’re rolling out … highlights. [So] a lot of that footage gets used.”

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