Aerosmith Foam Sculpted Wings for Concert Tour |

aerosmith’s “deuces are wild” tour


The most iconic wings in rock history. Aerosmith wanted to recreate them on a massive scale for their 2019 “Deuces Are Wild” tour—over 50 concerts in Las Vegas and East Coast MGM venues.


While most of Aerosmith's concert dates happened at MGM Resort’s Park Theater, a handful of cross-country obligations demanded a durable stage prop with breakdown-portability. Concepted and created at Britten’s special project production facility, the giant wings were built by our dedicated foam fabrication team who bent hundreds of sheets of durable 4 x 8 foam blocks along an ingenious wooden halfpipe, spray-coated them with a harden finish then airbrushed them for a metallic sheen.


Widespread media coverage and fans posting stage pictures and videos on social media. Over 50 shows and thousands of cross-country miles without fail. Capable of recreating any object or logo from a photo, digital file, or hand-drawn sketch, long-lasting Foam3D™ sculptures are changing the game in event marketing.

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