The Outdoor Retailer 'Snow Show' |

the outdoor retailer 'snow show'

Denver, CO


It’s the biggest retail show for snowsports and resort buyers. A showcase for the hottest, new products the industry will be talking about all year. Michigan-based Wolverine World Wide needed key display and branding elements to ensure its 2020 line of outdoor footwear stood out on the crowded showroom floor and drew the attention it deserved.


Wolverine transformed its 40’ x 40’ corner of Colorado Convention Center into an inviting space with the feel of rustic ski lodge complete with camping/ski props and an indoor fireplace. For key branding elements, planners contacted Britten—the only company in the industry that can fabricate seamless and backlit billboard-size frames. The Britten team delivered six SEG frames (two of them measuring 9’ and 10’ tall and 40’ in length), 13 large foamboard product/print signs, and a custom, vinyl ‘Walk & Wall’ decal made to look like a snowy road scene.


Impressive. Blown-away. Just a couple of the words used to describe the reaction to the product imagery and branding that exploded from Wolverine’s booth displays. The Britten team promised and delivered a clean advantage with its seamless SEG fabric frames while also serving as Wolverine’s single-source partner for all its other most important signage needs.

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