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wrapping a statement on city hall's walls

Richmond, Virginia


In 2020, city officials teamed up with local non-profit, Performing Statistics, to design a public art installation that would advocate for alternatives to youth incarceration and feature the voices of young activists. The duo turned to Britten, Inc. to reproduce their custom artwork as massive building wraps, and install them on the exterior of City Hall.


With plans to leave the building banners up through November, Britten advised on the best long-term use materials for the project. After printing two, 160’ high, mesh building wraps, Paul Britten, founder of Britten, oversaw the installation in Richmond. Now, residents and visitors can admire the huge display of Richmond’s youth and interact with it using QR codes.


“This is the first-ever art installation of this scale on a government building,” says Sam Schwartzkopf, Communications Analyst for the mayor’s office. “The project would not have been possible without the know-how and enthusiasm of the Britten team. Thanks to their willingness to try something new and ability to get it done right, Richmond is able to celebrate its youth on an unprecedented scale.”

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