Large foam sculptures of large goalie gloves and sponsorship logos at a soccer field.
Large custom foam sculpture of a sponsor name floating in a pond during a golf open.
Large foam sculptures of the UCLA abbreviation and under armour logo for student selfies.
Large foam sculptures of the Denver Broncos logos for player entrances at the stadium.

Foam Sculptures


Generate buzz and jaw-dropping attention to your brand by transforming your business logo, mascot, or product into a life-sized sculpture. Our Foam3D™ technology turns your wildest promotional idea into an attainable reality.

Bring us any concept—drawing, digital files, photo, or even a sketch on a cocktail napkin—and our in-house art and manufacturing team can make it a reality. We’re one of a handful of full-service Foam3D™ sculptors in America with a dedicated team that can deliver quick turnarounds, typically in under four weeks.

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Functions equally well
both indoors and outdoors
Freestanding or floating sculptures
tailored to your event
Any size, any shape,
delivered anywhere

All we had to do was place the order and send our files to them. They sent us proofs, we approve or tweak and our banners are produced. Britten is professional and provides a quality product I would recommend to everyone!

Champion Studios

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