Britten Inc. Shows Up for LPGA Showdown |

britten inc. shows up for lpga showdown


Over the course of four balmy days in Belmont, MI, two spheres collided at Blythefield Country Club for the 2022 Meijer LPGA Classic. In one arena was the individual effort—the conquering of one opponent over another, the combination of physical ability and mental fortitude to outlast and outpace a crowded field packed with talent. Intersecting with this realm of concentrated focus was the social aspect—the spectators and fans. Crowds of enthusiasts bunched along the fairways; faces upturned to track the ball after each solid contact as it sails towards the green. Both elements blend to create the mesmerizing spectacle that is golf performed at the highest level of ability. Mastering 144 determined challengers, Jennifer Kupcho outshot and outlasted the competition in a stunning sudden-death playoff to secure the title and the $2.5 million purse. And commanding the social sphere to provide the casual, joyous, and entertaining atmosphere beyond the fairway was the vision of event agency Outlyr executed by fabricator Britten Inc. Mixing the excitement and tension of close competition with the relaxed hospitality spaces and amenities, the 2022 Meijer LPGA Classic was a spectacle for competitor and spectator alike.


Spread across the expanse of Blythefield Country Club was an impressive array of Britten Inc. capability. Bringing the necessary signage for event functionality such as labelling for first aid stations, concessions, the welcome center and even the tee and hole signage along the course, Britten Inc. also set the stage for that essential social component. Perhaps most standout was the impressive and extensive work for the premier J. Brewer’s Tent. Working with Outlyr, WoodWorks created numerous elements and installations to convert the space from shaded shell into an inviting brew pub. Transforming this 20,000 square foot vacant pavilion into an exclusive and intimate lounge was a massive wrap around bar, cut decals and of course a massive suspended oval Foam3D™ chandelier. Factor in textured subdividing walls and custom made signage for to divide each food stall into a separate hemisphere of cuisine and the efforts by WoodWorks altered this blank open space into an attractive open market. Include sponsorship branding, tent gable signage and even the massive promotional checks to be presented to the tournament winner and the Simply Give fundraising partner, the broad influence of Britten Inc ability was evident throughout the entire concourse.


The work across Britten Inc. brands helped create an ideal atmosphere for the spectators and set the stage for golf pros at the 2022 Meijer LPGA Classic. Operating as an experienced 360 fabricator, WoodWorks was able to transform functional spaces into sought after spectator lounges and locations. Made possible through single-source solutions, Britten Inc was to provide everything Outlyr had envisioned all with the ease of working with one fabrication powerhouse. Drawing crowds from all over, the spaces and amenities made possible through Britten Inc. helped make the tournament enjoyable for all participants. “The Meijer LPGA Classic continues to make a big impact in our community each year and we look forward to bringing it back in an even bigger way next summer” said Meijer LPGA Classic Executive Director Cathy Cooper ahead of the 2022 event in a Meijer press release. “We couldn’t keep bringing the event back without the support of our West Michigan community. They make it all possible.”

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