'play ball park' all-star fan activation

Cleveland, Ohio / July 9, 2019


In 2019, sports and entertainment marketing giant, Octagon, called Britten with a problem: Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game was coming to Cleveland, Ohio. Bank of America wanted a big presence—two, dynamic experiential environments to promote its new Extras Program.


Britten concepted, designed, and manufactured the Tube Town playground: three, BoxPop® 20’ shipping containers with stairs and upper-deck systems. A fourth unit contained a 7’ x 16’ LED digital screen for showing historic baseball highlights. Eight, multicolored pneumatic vacuum tubes were placed in the center that delivered candy and prizes to children. The second activation, “Bank the Ball,” was a giant Foam3D™ construct.


Two fan activations, combined with Britten’s unique brand of signage, flags, aluminum trussing, and more, made Bank of America’s ‘Play Ball Park’ memorable for families and fans. “To create something that’s Instagram-worthy,” said Paul Britten, “you have dig deep into the world of the brand and deliver real experiences that are interactive, meaningful, and fun.”