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Foam Numbers


Count on Foam3D™ to deliver the numerical figures that add value to your display and visibility for your brand. A positive asset for any experiential activation, anniversary, graduation or beyond, foam numbers provide an outsized and tangible representation of landmarks and celebrations.

Ideal as a standalone piece or part of an ensemble of large foam letters, our foam numbers add a commemorative and exacting element to any presentation. Crafted with the same care and available with durable coating options, foam numbers are an easy solution to multiply your engagement.

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Foam numbers function equally well
both indoors and outdoors
Freestanding or floating foam numbers
tailored to your event
Large foam numbers of any size,
delivered anywhere

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It almost feels as if you’re not in a blighted place that was destroyed. You’re in a renaissance place and reminded how beautiful this place was for black citizens that called this home.

Phil Armstrong, Project Director / Race Massacre Centennial Commission

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