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Tee up Your Golf Event Signage

Ideas to make every PGA Tour event an oasis of fan engagement for your sponsors.

The PGA tour is back in full swing! Now that cheering fans are back in the grandstands, galleries and lining the fairways this changes the advertising landscape for golf. Marketers rely on more than broadcast commercials to reach spectators and they have to be a little smarter and more innovative to grab people's attention nowadays. Here’s a look at some creative solutions — designed to engage fans wherever they watch this PGA season from!


Golf promoters and PGA sponsors were some of the first to realize the power of foam sculptures and selfie-signs for capturing the attention of television cameras and in-person fans. A floating sculpture on a water hazard or larger-than-life logo in a fan zone (see below) delivers an exciting visual that’s hard to ignore.

With advanced foam-sculpting technology, you can turn hashtags and logos—any idea— into an attention-grabbing visual on the course, in the clubhouse, or on the TV set. Hard-shell coating delivers all-weather durability. Sculptures can be freestanding, floating, or used as selfie-signs for in-person spectators to share on social media.

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For golf fans easing back into attending PGA Tour events, new social-distancing protocols make selling indoor concessions and merchandise a challenge. But there’s an open-air solution—custom shipping containers.

Custom containers are mobile and deliver clean, open-air engagement without crowding spectators. Pop-up bars, eateries, and even live stages equipped with LED screens and sound systems are possible. Use a single container or create an entire “fan village” packed with immersive experiences that encourage families to play and make memories together.

Competitor Brew Pub Product Event Truss Taylor Made Email A shipping container for a sponsor at the LPGA Dow GLBI Tent Sponsor Fencing


By delivering repeated exposure every time the pros tee-off, panel walls are just one form of social-distance proof advertising that works whenever fans and cameras are present. Outside the clubhouse entrance, branded panel walls welcome players and spectators with can’t miss messaging. Around tee-boxes, they put your advertisers in the heart of the action while keeping fans at a proper distance.

Media walls deliver TV backdrops for pre- and post-game interviews that put sponsor logos front and center. For versatile branding and messaging that works like magic at public-facing events—press conferences or anywhere else you want to deliver a red-carpet vibe—media walls beckon fans eager to snap images and share on social media.

In 35 years, Britten has produced innovative signage and promotion solutions for partners in the PGA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR. To learn more about how they can help bring attention to your tour event, call 855-763-8205 or email info@britteninc.com.

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