Custom foam letters at a customer event spelling out 'LAX'
Custom foam 3-d university abbreviation sculpture for outdoor photo opportunities.
Large foam 3-d letters at a golf invitational set up as a photo-op.
3-D foam letters set up as photo-op for the University of Kentucky.

Foam Selfie Signs


Get colorful. Get creative. Turn your logo or promotional idea into a crowd-stopping spectacle. CNC foam-sculpting technology has the power to turn your wildest marketing idea into an eye-catching selfie-sign that beckons fans to strike a pose and share on social media.

Bring us any concept—drawing, digital files, photo, or even a sketch on a cocktail napkin—and our in-house art and manufacturing team can make it a reality. We’re one of a handful of full-service Foam3D™ sculptors in America with a dedicated team that can deliver quick turnarounds, typically in under four weeks.

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Functions equally well
both indoors and outdoors
All scraps
are recycled
Any size, any shape,
delivered anywhere

Many other companies told us that this idea was impossible. But, Britten accepted the challenge and came up with a creative solution that no one else could. The printed wrap conceals construction mess and makes the building look brand new. Most importantly, it helps our potential tenants visualize all that the building could be.

Asher Schlusselberg, Partner / Plymouth Group

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