Custom foam letters at a customer event spelling out 'LAX'
Large 3-D foam letters at the entrance of an outdoor snowboarding event.
3-D foam letters set up as photo-op for the University of Kentucky.

Foam Letters


Engage customers, fans, and get more impressions on social media. Giant, Foam3D™ letters are a proven hit for increasing brand awareness at events and promotions, catapulting the name of your business or hash tag.

Since taking the plunge into three-dimensional foam sculpting in 2017, our dedicated team has already delivered interactive foam letters for hundreds of colleges, schools, athletic departments, and businesses. Self-standing or floating, our letters are built strong and synthetically coated to stand up to the elements. Create something unique for game day or your next business event with letters painted with team colors or customized with decals that engage fans and customers.

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Functions equally well
both indoors and outdoors
Fast delivery,
typically under four weeks
Turns your brand or hashtag
into an eye-catching photo op

Great quality products, very fast and friendly service. Very consistent since we have been ordering banners since 2016.

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