In or Out?—Picking the Proper Home for your Foam3D™ |
Foam Selfie Sign | Outdoor Foam Sculptures Foam Selfie Sign | Outdoor Foam Sculptures
Foam Selfie Sign | Outdoor Foam Sculptures

In or Out?—Picking the Proper Home for your Foam3D™

Are you in or are you out? Whether displaying inside or in the open, here are a few things to consider for design, display and maintenance for your next Foam3D™ installation.

Formed from uniform density foam and coated in a resilient finish, Foam3D™ sculptures are made to last. But knowing whether your custom creation will reside inside or inhabit the outdoors can help determine shape, size and which finish will suit you best. Take a look at these Foam3D™ considerations before creating your next foam installation!

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Size It Up

Created to occupy space and grab attention, Foam3D™ sculptures have outsized impact and an oversized footprint. Inside displays need ample real estate. While creations within the “golden ratio” parameters of an uncut foam block (96” width, 48” height, 36” depth) are unlikely to bump the ceiling, the space intended for sculptures with immense dimensions should warrant a second measuring.

Outside is where the Foam3D™ wild things are! Uninhibited by ceiling heights, sculptures made for the outdoors can reach impressive proportions (as large as manufacturing constraints and budget allows). With this unhampered space also comes an increased exposure to the elements. Larger foam sculptures may be more susceptible to high winds and should be braced or sheltered appropriately to prevent damage. Knowing the surroundings and the general conditions can help make sure your Foam3D™ sculpture will flourish in its new habitat!

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Get In Shape

Carved into nearly anything imaginable, negative space within the Foam3D™ sculpture should not be ignored. Any nooks, intricate curves and hallows within an inside-dwelling sculpture can collect dust and cobwebs. Scheduling a regular cleaning for your exhibit can keep it neat and tidy.

These crannies and crevices are of greater concern for outside foam sculptures. Left unattended, these depressions can collect water (from precipitation, condensation, etc). which can pool and cause damage to the finish coating, paint and eventually the foam itself. A regular maintenance schedule can mitigate potential water damage and keep your statue looking new!

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Fit & Finish

Foam3D™ sculptures are available in two different finish options—Standard Hard Coat and Trophy Hard Coat. Most common (and most utilized) is the Standard. A slightly textured, polyurea coating, this is a hardy finish option that works well for most projects. Ample protection for any inside dwelling sculpture, this standard coating will shield your creature or custom block letters from scrapes and scuffing for years to come.

This Standard Hard Coat is also often sufficient for sculptures kept outside on a temporary basis. Durable enough for regular exposure to the elements, this finish is applicable to most sculptures (inside and out) and is the standard for all lettering projects.

Sculptures that remain outside for a prolonged period would be well-advised to opt for the Trophy Hard Coat. Extremely resilient, this finish is similar in composition to high-end coatings often seen in the automotive industry. However, the process to apply is much more labor intensive (and costly) and so it should be reserved for projects that truly require extra protection—such as foam façades or architectural elements intended as semi-permanent fixtures.

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Show 'Em You Care

Regardless of inside or outside use, Foam3D™ sculptures do require some light maintenance to keep them in prime condition.

Handle with care! Although durable, they are still foam and mishandling during transport and display (such as overeager fans climbing and/or sitting on the sculpture) can cause damage.

These sculptures are also not immune to inclement weather. While they will withstand average conditions, a violent storm, high winds, and pelting hail can cause significant damage. Foam3D™ sculptures should also be shaded from harsh sun and excessive heat (such as that in a desert climate) which can cause the coatings, paint, and even the foam to warp, bubble, and otherwise deteriorate.

Finally, give your Foam3D™ an occasional rinse to remove everyday dirt and grime. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals and use clean, warm water with mild dish detergent instead.

If your sculpture does become scuffed or lightly scraped, each Foam3D™ item includes a touch-up kit to cover up slight marring.

Sculptures that are damaged (it happens!) should be discussed with Britten first before taking matters into your own hands. The knowledgeable staff is happy to provide a repair quote and/or advise on how to best repair it yourself!

Why say it when you can show it? Make your point with a Foam3D™ statement piece! Get a quote or call 855-763-8205 today to start building your brand recognition.