Big Brand on Campus: 4 Products to Pair with Sponsors |
UCLA Foam3 D Selfie Sign 002 UCLA Foam3 D Selfie Sign 002
UCLA Foam3 D Selfie Sign 002

Big Brand on Campus: 4 Britten Products to Pair with Sponsors

Bolster school spirit and boost corporate partner exposure with these 4 Britten Inc. products that belong on every college campus.

A university campus holds a captive mystique. Whether it is the novel allure to incoming freshman, the invigorating homecoming for returning students, or the unrivaled nostalgia for alumni venturing to their alma mater, it holds a powerful association for its population. This broad allegiance also provides a prime opportunity for impactful partnership. From the quiet scurry of the quad to the energized bustle of the athletic campus, there abounds potential for both university promotion and corporate sponsorship exposure. From traditional pole banners to outsized sculptures, learn how Britten Inc. can help your university bolster school spirit and boost partnership presence with these impressive brand products.

Bannersaver Florida Tech University Soldier Field Banner Saver Brackets

1. College Pennants: Pole Banners and BannerSaver™ Brackets

Omnipresent and a traditional display option, pole banners are a reliable standby and for good reason. Interchangeable, customizable, and cost-effective, a well-designed pole banner can garner attention and create a more professional finish for a city street or well-traveled walkway. Printed in school colors, logos or featuring a fearsome mascot, pole banners can engender school pride with plenty of space for an accompanying corporate sponsor. Secure this investment with BannerSaver™ bracket systems and your pole banners are sure to last for semesters to come. Whether lining an academic avenue or displayed on the main student drag, pole banners provide a finished look with plenty of appeal. Learn more at BannerSaver™.

University of Iowa Campus Signage University of Iowa BIG10 Champions

2. Give Me a Sign: Wayfinding Signage

Come fall, the campus is abuzz with the nervous energy of incoming freshman. Roving in swarms as they navigate from orientation and onboarding events, it’s understandable that these bands of newcomers may become disoriented on an unfamiliar campus. The practical solution is wayfinding signage! Beneficial as well to frazzled parents trying to keep everything on track and on schedule, signage placed strategically around campus can denote events, give directions to prominent lecture halls, and offer standardized way-markers for wandering freshman trying to find their way. While much of the space is occupied by directional information, these wayfinding markers and signage can feature a corporate partner and can provide a positive first impression to these newly arrived novitiates. Britten Inc.

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3. Bleacher Features: Wind Screens, Fence Scrim, Bleacher Wraps

Athletic arenas have a magnetic draw. Whether it’s the ballpark, track and field complex, or the expansive football stadium, these locations are the epicenter of fandom fanaticism. Designed to accommodate thousands of fans and house large fields of play, these stadiums and arenas lend themselves to underutilized space prime for brand placement for universities and corporate partners. Outfield walls in a baseball park and track and field perimeters are perfect for branded fence scrim and wind screens. The raised walls between the football field and the stands are optimum for bleacher wraps and banners. And the exterior of the arena and any towering façade near gate entrances are a blank canvas for massive signage. Offering an attractive and functional alternative to blank concrete walls or empty chain link fence, opting for wind blocks, bleacher wraps, and banners to enliven a collegiate stadium and promote a sponsor can be a true home field advantage for both parties. Learn more here.

Foam3 D TEXAS Selfie Sign 001 Foam3 D Selfie Signs UCLA Under Armour Sponsorship

4. Foam Field Advantage: Foam3D™ Sculptures

Signage alone can be vibrant in color and clever in message but may lack impactful dimension. Stand out with an aspect that stands-up on its own. Available in nearly any customizable shape one can imagine, a Foam3D™ set piece can be an attractive accent to any university display. Opt for the popular block lettering in collegiate font and colors or go bold and select a massive mascot display. Made from uniform foam and a protective coating, these sculptures are as durable as they are impressive. Placed at the entrances of stadiums, at the center of the quad or on prominent display in a student union, these sculptures possess a gravitational draw and are excellent for building online presence. Able to be carved into nearly any shape imaginable, these sculptures are also optimum for a corporate sponsorship. By etching in a brand name or logo or incorporating it into the statue as a whole, a Foam3D™ sculpture is a modest investment with outsized results for universities and their partners. Check out our Foam3D™ selfie signs.

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