Foam3D, BoxPop, and Large Stage Banners Foam3D, BoxPop, and Large Stage Banners
Foam3D, BoxPop, and Large Stage Banners

Heating Up: 5 Hot Britten Products for Your Summer Activation Event

Turn your event this summer into a sought-after stunner. Let Britten Inc. and its single-source simplicity turn your brand activation into relaxation with these 5 popular products.

The temperature is on the rise and the days are stretching out. As short sleeves replace sweaters and sunglasses take on a regular role, it’s clear that summer has finally arrived. A cold beverage in hand, a burger off the grill in the other—this could be any summertime backyard barbeque, or it could be your next activation event. When the sun is high and the general mood has eased fully into vacation-mode, what better time to launch your next campaign? Let Britten Inc. turn any stale activation event into a fresh summer soiree with these five products that are certain to enliven your space!

Custom stage backdrops for Breakaway Music Festival Stage backdrop for band


Bring clean lines and a modern design with a brand specific backwall for your booth or merch stand. Or go wild and transform your entire space into an untamed tropical oasis! Wrap your entire launch location in summer scenery, or deftly apply select signage as attractive accents. With completely customizable banners, signage, backdrops and more, the possibilities for your summer event space are limitless! Signs and Banners

Custom 3D Foam letters that say # Team Up at an event Large Foam Letters sponsored by Truly


A massively proportioned pineapple, a larger-than-life margarita, or maybe some outsized brand block lettering—Add some dimension to your event space with a Foam3D™ sculpture! Professional banners and displays will set the scene but adding interactive pieces like a large foam sculpture will make your event an immersive and interactive experience. Shaping up letters, selfie signs, and any summer-centric sculpture of which you can conceive, a festive piece by Britten turns any brand event into a beach day. Foam Sculpting

A portable handwashing station outside of a business A child height handwashing station with wheels


Bright signage and thumping beats may turn heads, but the tantalizing aroma of burgers or ribs sizzling on the grill will move feet. Nothing quite gathers a crowd like a barbeque turning out the summer hits. But not every venue will have adequate access to sanitary stations. While a prepackaged wet towelette is good in a pinch, it’s no match for a tangle with a half-rack of ribs. Help your customers out and enhance their overall experience by providing a portable wash station from Britten Woodworks. These stations come prefab in several configurations so you can select the one that best fits your needs. Self-contained and set on large casters, these wash stations are portable, compact, and keep the summer party rolling. Portable Sinks

Custom event truss for the New England Patriots Large event truss at the entrance for the National Cherry Festival


As the high noon sun hits its peak, patrons looking to beat the heat will hotfoot to the prime real estate—shade. Make your location a cool retreat with a custom made AdMesh™ canopy hung from an EventTruss™ frame. Billowing over your bustling customers, this breathable banner fabric will shield your guests below without stifling that refreshing breeze. Capitalize on the underutilized ad space of this sun-blocking sheet and it will have people looking you up while they’re cooling down. Mesh Banners

Custom shipping container for the Miami Dolphins at an event BoxPop shipping container for an Empanada stand


A stocked bar serving up ice-cold cervezas. An exclusive top-deck sun lounge with seating. Or even a fully functioning kitchen complete with point-of-sale counter. For those looking to take their activation to the next level this summer, investing in a BoxPop® or TrailerBox™ turns any marketing event into a coveted experience. Fully customizable and self-contained, both options allow an element of permanence that differentiates your event from activation to sought-after destination. Factor in the mobility of both BoxPop® and TrailerBox™ and this is the ideal set-up for any business roaming the event circuits all summer long. BoxPop

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