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Foam3D Gordon Food Service Letters and Sculpture Foam3D Gordon Food Service Letters and Sculpture
Foam3D Gordon Food Service Letters and Sculpture

What’s the Big Deal? Oversized Props and Foam Product Replicas

What’s the BIG deal? Learn about the natural allure of oversized props and how it can benefit your next brand activation event!

Whether it’s a towering soda can or a hair product that now stands shoulder-high, the oddity of a handheld object ballooned to comical proportions has curious appeal. Capitalize on the allure of the unusual with Foam3D™ product replicas by Britten. Able to craft nearly any product into an exacting replica, read below to see how these oversized props are perfect for attracting attention and encouraging fan engagement!

Lunchables 6767 Foam3 D NYC Marathon Master Card Megaphone 001

1. Hard to Miss: Foam Logos for High Brand Visibility

Boost your brand visibility with an oversized product reproduction! Inflated to playful dimension, an oversized replica crafted from Foam3D™ is a beneficial way to showcase products and generate brand notice with whimsical flair.

More impactful than print or graphic promotion alone, a massive prop adds some physical dimension to any event activation space and is difficult to overlook. Coated with an innovated M91 polyurethane-urea hybrid, your Foam3D™ reproduction is abrasion resistant, making it an ideal and reusable asset for multiple activations and events!

NBC Foam3 D Sculpture Foam 3d letteres that spell Proud and a life-sized Truly can

2. It’s a Draw: Foam Props with Public Appeal

Combined with durability and creative brand visibility, a massive reproduction prop has natural draw. Taking a shape or object that is instantly recognizable and then playing with the proportion creates a piece that has immense public appeal.

Reframing a life-sized object into overblown dimension frames it in such a way that it is both easily identified and generates curious intrigue. Pair these oversized props with the actual product and your activation event space becomes a playful blend of reality and imagination.

Foam3 D Lavazza Coffee Cup 001 Foam3 D Year of the Pig Simon Malls 004

3. Take a Pic: Foam Selfie Signs for Photo Ops

Much like the enlarged wooden deck chairs at popular tourist destinations, an expanded reproduction prop just begs for a photo-op! Ideal as a backdrop or to be flanked on either side by enthusiastic patrons, a large Foam3D™ sculpture is the perfect addition for a selfie or social post! Viewed as interactive set pieces, reproduction props seamlessly add brand context and presence within photos shared by event participants and attending media!

Dow GLBI Foam3 D Golf Ball Tee 005 St Louis 20181013 54032 Abilene foam sculture sign Foam3D™ Guitar

Add some creative flair to your next activation event, sports venue, or fan engagement space with a Foam3D™ reproduction prop! Partner with Britten for a custom quote or more information email or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.