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Octagon Foam3 D CME Group 016 Octagon Foam3 D CME Group 016
Octagon Foam3 D CME Group 016

To The Letter: Read Before You Buy | Foam3D™

Outsized selfie signs, collegiate block letters, and even brand logos—you can spell it all out with Foam3D™! Make the most of your oversized sculptures (and budget!) by following these cost effective measures!

What’s the best size for foam letters?

Conventional thinking may dictate that bigger is better for brand awareness and that’s true—if you have an unlimited budget! If cost is no object, a Foam3D™ letter sculpture can be as large as coffers allow.

For the rest that answer to accounting, there’s a “golden ratio” for foam letters. Each one is carved from a standardized raw foam block measuring 96” (wide) x 48” (tall) x 40” (deep). Any sculpture that remains within those dimensions will have significant cost savings due to the reduced cutting, fitting and labor required to affix two blocks (or more) together.

Hundreds of satisfied Foam3D™ customers have proven that 5’ is the ideal height for selfie-signs and letters. It’s large enough to generate notice, yet still fits in frame for the optimum selfie composition! The most common height for characters is 44” to 46” with an additional 12” base for a stable sculpture ringing in right at 5-feet tall.

CMU Foam3 D Logo 2

Project: Central Michigan University "C"
Specs: 46" H x 46" W x 11" D
Custom foam sculpted elements, multiple layers, custom paint finish.
Price: $3,500.00. Add $350.00 for shipping and storage crate.

Patriots Logo

Project: New England Patriots, Championship Logo
Specs: 58" H x 68" W x 22" D
Custom foam sculpted elements, custom paint finish, full color rigid printed facades (front & back).
Price: $6,000.00. Add $500.00 for shipping & storage crate

Browns Letters

Project: Cleveland Browns Team Letters
Specs: 72" H x 48" W x 11" D (each)
Custom foam sculpted elements, custom paint finish, rolling casters.
Price: $10,000.00. Add $1000.00 for shipping & storage crate

Foam3 D Tennessee Titans Gloves 006

Project: Tennessee Titans team logo gloves, Coca Cola sponsorship
Specs: 120" H x 108" W x 36" D
Custom foam sculpted elements, multiple layers, custom paint finish, decal applications, rolling casters.
Price: $20,000.00. Add $1000.00 for shipping & storage crate

What foam density is best?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) comes in three standard densities—1 lb, 2lb, and 3lb. Densities are determined by how much the finished foam weighs per cubic foot, with higher density subject to less stippling and pockmarks prior to sealing.

However, after filing, sanding, painting and application of the newly introduced M91 polyurethane-urea hybrid coating, underlying foam density is nearly indistinguishable. That’s why Britten almost exclusively employs cost-effective 1.5lb density foam for lettering projects. Save for highly intricate sculptures or design, this standardized density is beyond sufficient for most projects and is significantly more economical for customers.

What are the finish options?

Foam3D™ letters come available with two finish options—Standard Hard Coat and Trophy Hard Coat. Both derived from the same innovative M91polyurethane-urea hybrid coating, this novel product is abrasion resistant and boasts enhanced elasticity—meaning its less subject to dents and cracks compared to similar coatings.

Standard Hard Coat is more than ample for most foam letter uses and projects. Durable enough for regular weather conditions and temporary outside exposure, the Standard coating is the most common selection for foam letter orders.

Trophy Hard Coat is highly resistive and best for sculptures intended to have extended outdoor exposure. Similar in composition to high-end coatings used in the automotive industry, the Trophy Hard Coat is meant to preserve longer-term foam investments like semi-permanent installations, and as such comes with a premium price tag.

Foam Standard Hard Coat Foam Standard Trophy Coat

Foam3D™ Recap:

Stretch your budget and make the most of your foam letter sculpture!

Have further questions or working on a totally custom project? Partner with Britten for a custom quote or more information by emailing or call 885-763-8203 to speak to a sales rep.