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What Makes Silicon Edge Graphics Right for You

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are high-resolution fabric graphic with a thin silicon strip sewn directly around the perimeter of the graphic creating a silicon edge. This silicon edge fits easily into a channel on a specialized frame to give your graphic or banner a very clean, stylish, and taut look when installed in the frame.

Whether you’re using them for retail displays, special event signage, or trade shows — SEG graphics are extremely cost effective oftentimes decreasing installation labor significantly.  This is because installations are simple and can usually be accomplished by just one person.  On top of that, changing silicon edge graphics is a snap and can be done in a matter of minutes.

These fabric graphics look absolutely fantastic! They resemble hard-panel graphics but with a more vibrant, vivid, and deep-color presentation.  They’re also glare-free which makes them legible from almost any angle. This is a huge benefit, especially in environments where you do not control the lighting.

If budget is a concern, silicone edge graphics cost much less to ship than traditional hard-panel alternatives and don’t require much room for storage. If they become dirty or wrinkled, they can be easily machine washed or steamed — meaning you can extend the life of your investment as needed!

Advantages of SEG Graphics:

  • Glare-free and fashionable.
  • Easy to install with low banner installation costs.
  • Perfect for large installations.
  • Vrsatile with options that are almost endless (single-sided, double-sided, back-lit, and more)
  • Allow for minimal and extremely slim frames, keeping the focus on your message.
  • Seamless with the sew-line hidden inside the frame.

Would you like to learn more about how SEG graphics could benefit your next project?

Contact a banner expert today! We would be happy to help you select the prefect material to match your needs!

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