Step & Repeat Backdrops


Level-up your hip-factor and get the power of social media working for you. Step-and-repeats deliver a certain je ne sais quoi (that’s French for “Instagram-worthy”), branding and messaging that works like magic at public-facing events—press conferences, tradeshows, conventions, grand openings—anywhere you want to deliver a red-carpet vibe that beckons the media and public to capture and share.

Easily customizable to feature multiple sponsors, URLs, or social media handles, our vinyl and fabric media backdrops deliver fast set-up and breakdown. Any size. Any freestanding or pop-up configuration. Join the thousands of businesses, sports, and promotion professionals who trust us to deliver one of the most versatile and effective brand promotion tools.

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golf to build community and inspiring young minds...


designing monster signage for dover's 50th...


Our Account Executive was outstanding in getting printed samples and making sure our order was shipped on time. She informed me on every step throughout this project and made sure that everything flows.

F.W. Haxel Co. Inc.

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