Delivering Travel Inspiration to General RV Center Shoppers

Jacksonville, Florida / April 21, 2021


With 13 supercenters nationwide, General RV Center is one of America’s premier RV dealers. When store managers wanted to revamp their Jacksonville location with several images of travel destinations across the country, they turned to longtime printing partner, Britten, Inc. and their nationwide installation team to produce and deliver beautiful, large-format banners.


Britten’s print team fabricated 13 banners ranging in size from 48”H X 80”W, to 130”H X 197”W. Smooth, flexible, and satiny, soft knit fabric created the luxurious look needed to make each image pop. The install team travelled to Jacksonville where they attached the banners to frames and hung them throughout the interior of the store.


Printing eye-catching signs and banners is one thing—installing them is another. Not many print companies have an experienced team of their own that travels across the country to ensure that their products are assembled and set up correctly. It’s just another one of the many reasons why companies like General RV Center continue to work with the Britten team.