Kenny Chesney’s 'Trip Around the Sun Tour' |

kenny chesney’s 'trip around the sun tour'

Detroit, Michigan


In 2017, Kenny Chesney announced an upcoming tour of 42 NFL, MLB, MLS stadiums and amphitheaters. Promotional managers teamed with Britten to produce special flags and giant stage backdrops for what would be the American country music star’s biggest tour ever.


Manufacture a 25’ x 48’ skull and crossbones pirate ship flag to mark the tour’s kickoff in Tampa. On every concert stop, 60’ speaker banners printed on 70% mesh let sound permeate through the graphics. A 40’ x 80’ centerstage, fabric backdrop raised like a curtain to reveal a massive video screen.


Britten’s delivered a massive flag and backdrops uniquely constructed to engage Chesney fans, enhance sound quality, and reliably withstand the abuse of daily setup and teardown, packaging, and transport. "Thank you for a great job on the Austrian drape. It looks great hanging and it packs nicely when retracted. Love it!" wrote Ed Wannebo, Kenny Chesney's Production Manager.

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