BriteWall LED Backlit Frames Texas Parks & Wildlife Backdrop Bright Full Color Exhibit Display Texas Parks & Wildlife Backdrop

Texas Parks & Wildlife’s 50th Anniversary Gala

Austin, Texas / March 29th, 2014


For half a century, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has been charged with overseeing and protecting wildlife habitat in the state. To help celebrate that milestone, the department (represented by Gulf Sates Toyota entertainment agency) partnered with Britten to help bring the outdoors inside with an interactive event.


Create a decorative, visual experience for attendees with imagery of wildlife and outdoor scenery depicted on large and small format banners, backdrops, backlit decals—nearly 100 display hardware and signage solutions in all. Use visual props integrated into displays with live models and spectacular FOAM3D™ backdrops.


“From idea to installation” isn’t just a catchphrase. After tackling the design and manufacturing, Britten dispatched a team—led by company founder, Paul Britten—to Texas to spearhead the massive setup operation. The immersive nature of the effort left attendees feeling as if they were engaged in activities such as fishing, duck hunting, canoeing, camping, and mountain biking.