Serving Up Signage for The Volvo Car Open |

serving up signage for the volvo car open

Charleston, South Carolina


The Volvo Car Open, a premier women’s tennis tournament, brings hundreds of world-class athletes and fans to Charleston every year. Many were excited to return to the stands this year, but due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, officials closed the event to spectators. Forced to revamp the tournament’s branding for a television audience, Charleston Signage, LLC turned to longtime partner, Britten Inc., to fabricate eye-catching visuals to keep fans engaged at home.


Britten produced signage for almost every inch of the tournament’s landscape. A 12’H X 27’W Volvo sponsorship backdrop for the court that stood out on screen; welcome banners and BannerStretch™ frames that greeted players and their families upon arrival; vinyl fence wraps that surrounded the entire arena. The team even designed the event’s custom centerpiece— a 5’ tall, Foam3D™ sculpture that spelled out “Volvo Car Open.”


In the end, Veronika Kudermetova took home her first Women’s Tennis Association title. But, she wasn’t the only winner of the day. Charleston Signage, LLC and Britten once again pulled off an incredible Volvo Car Open, proving that their strong partnership can weather any storm, even COVID-19. Britten’s already looking forward to helping Volvo welcome fans back in even bigger and bolder style next year.

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