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welcoming back students in style

Fort Worth, TX


Known for their high student engagement rates, Texas Christian University officials needed a new and exciting way to greet undergraduates returning to campus for the 2021-22 school year. They trusted longtime partner, Britten, Inc., to produce custom Foam3D™ letters and beautifully printed banners that would stand up to their reputation for durability and long-lasting color.


To create a fun photo-op for students, the foam team sculpted and painted seven-foot tall, free-standing letters spelling out “HOME.” Britten’s print crew fabricated two, 22’H X 13’W mesh banners and installed them on the exterior of the university’s iconic library. “Welcome Home” archway banners, residence hall identifier signage, “Lead On” pole banners, and BannerSaver™ pole banner hanging brackets completed the school’s vibrant displays.


“The beginning of any semester is filled with anticipation, maybe some nerves, but lots of excitement,” TCU Chancellor, Victor J. Boschini, Jr., said in the university’s official Welcome Home, Horned Frogs video. “The first few days of this semester have already been full of joy. Friends have been reunited, games have been played, we took a lot of photos, and we enjoyed just being together again.”

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