The Marketing Genius of 'missoni Madness' |

the marketing genius of 'missoni madness'

New York, New York


In 2011, Target announced the release of what would become an extremely coveted clothing and home furnishing collection/collaboration with Italian fashion house, Missoni. An ingenious, multi-pronged marketing effort was launched, aimed at creating prelaunch hype and “exclusivity on a mass scale.”


Britten was asked to print stylish, large-format window decals to build anticipation for Target’s Missoni debut. The decals were installed on their retail giant’s 6th Avenue location near New York’s Bryant Park.


Generated by marketing media hype, so-called “Missoni Madness” took over across America and, especially, New York. Fashion editors and celebrities—along with throngs of shoppers—lined up in front of Target stores days in advance. When the doors opened, many stores across the country reported selling out within the hour while, online, the volume of traffic crashed Target’s website shortly after Missoni went live.

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