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Meet The Infinity

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In the world of retail display there are a multitude of media stands and displays to choose from. Most companies claim that their stand is the perfect fit for retail environments, but these solutions often fall short of expectations.

That’s why finding the right solution for your shopping center can be a frustrating task, especially when you consider that so many media stands…

The Infinity Series of products from Britten Hardware & Innovation is different.

Britten designed these fabric media displays from the ground-up based upon requests from actual retail advertising experts. This collaboration resulted in a series of elegant fabric display systems that allow for extremely easy change-outs and media postings. They are also constructed of high-quality and extremely durable materials, yet they can be placed and moved almost anywhere in a retail setting with relative ease.

And, as can be seen in the video below, the Infinity stand is extremely easy to assemble.

This easy assembly means you’ll have more time to spend planning your message, rather than assembling hardware. Possibly the best thing about Infinity stands is the slim, stylish, and minimal design. This allows your advertiser’s brand message to take center stage.

We highly recommend that you give the Infinity a try today!