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#nosd trends with foam3d™


For those stricken with the shopping bug, there may be a new creative outlet on the horizon. Similar to traditional malls in shopping opportunities but often paired down to just retail offerings rather than mixed-use, the outlet is made for the focused shopper. What it may lack in food courts and arcades, outlet malls make up for in retail selection at a bargain price point. Looking to celebrate these budget conscious shoppers and draw more attention to the benefits of outlet centers, Simon Property Group created the National Outlet Shopping Day. Spawning a new acronym (#NOSD) and a novel shopaholic holiday, this day of bargain pursuit took place on the second weekend of June and intends to be an annual reoccurrence. But slashed prices were not the only thing drawing significant crowds. Integrated into each outlet display for Simon Property Group were stellar 4-foot-tall Foam3D™ sculptures that were sure to turn heads and have this day of spending trending.


Attractive signage and a clever message may give pause, but a fixture with dimension has undeniable draw. Shaped into the acronym NOSD for National Outlet Shopping Day and brushed in a stunning sunburst palette, these Foam3D™ sculptures were hard to miss. Fashioned from 1.5-pound foam and protected with standard hard coat finish, the result was a sculpture that was as durable as it was eye-catching. For maximum exposure, Simon Property Group ordered 63 total sculptures to be distributed and displayed at their outlet centers across the US. Placed at retail locations spanning from coast to coast, New York to California, these outsized Foam3D™ sculptures were a huge hit for NOSD and Simon Property Group. Featured in numerous lifestyle blogs highlighting the shopping holiday, these sculptures were a positive addition for building NOSD online presence. Pair their selfie appeal with their sturdy construction and these Foam3D™ sculptures will be making national appearances for NOSD for years to come—and that is a bargain find.


Celebrating the thrift-conscious, the initial National Outlet Shopping Day was designed with the retail fiend in mind. But the slashed tags and deep discounts were not the only thing drawing crowds. Technicolored and outsized, the Foam3D™ letters made plenty of frenzy online. Popular with shopping and lifestyle blogs, these statues were the perfect piece to promote NOSD and the outlet centers of Simon Property Group. As lifestyle blogger Vanessa Balli writes, “Surprise, surprise, I was shopping again, and stopped by to do a little father’s day shopping and after I noticed the cool #NOSD sign out front I decided to window shop instead and come back on the [June] 11/12th and do my real shopping with all the extra discounts!”

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