Light Pole Banners

  • BannerSaver patented wind-spilling light pole brackets
  • Light Pole Banners on the campus of Ferris State (Big Rapids, MI)
  • lamp post banners
  • Light Pole Banner in New York City
  • custom cut light pole banners
  • light post banners
  • light pole banners
  • raised lamp post banners
  • festival banners
  • Light Pole Banners at Turtle Creek Casino
  • Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse Light Pole Banners

Pole banners dress up the streets and spread the word about your city or event.

Printed light pole banners are used by cities, towns, colleges, universities, and organizations to announce events and spread a consistent message to the masses. Crisp, clear printed banners make a memorable impression, seen by passing cars and pedestrians. Custom cut banners create an eye-catching display with graphics that practically jump off the pole.

Using the highest quality materials and careful attention to detail, Britten’s pole banners can withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays. Pair that with the patented BannerSaver bracket, and you’ve got a nearly indestructible pole banner! Order just a few at a time, or order a thousand! Britten’s capacity and firepower are behind you!

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Save banners and reduce light pole liabilities with the BannerSaver bracket.
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