Light Pole Banner Programs Give Communities a Voice |

light pole banner programs give communities a voice

Traverse City, Michigan


In 2011, T.C’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and other city officials sought a single-source, printing partner that could manage their light pole banners. They tasked BannerSaver™, and its parent company, Britten, Inc., with developing a custom street pole banner program—complete with wind-spilling bracket hardware and colorful light pole banners—that could promote community organizations.


Banner pricing. Community guidelines. Artwork approval processes. Bracket specifications. Britten and BannerSaver helped with it all. With their comprehensive light pole banner program, community organizations rent the street pole space to showcase event messaging, wayfinding signage, and more. Britten and BannerSaver facilitate the printing, installation, and maintenance of all the banners and bracket hardware.


“Most cities just use their street poles to promote their downtown, but Britten and BannerSaver helped us build a program that actually benefits our community,” says Harry Burkholder, Chief Operations Officer at the T.C. DDA. “It gives local groups an easy and affordable way to promote their organizations, and also helps create a unique identity for our city.”