Ceiling Display Systems

  • BannerDrop ceiling hoist & SkyBanner (Ceiling Banner) at Simon Roosevelt Field
  • Banner Hoists for Expos
  • BannerDrop System for Retail
  • BannerDrop raises and lowers fabric ceiling banners
  • BannerDrop ceiling hoists tandem H&M store fashion banner
  • BannerDrop ceiling hoists at the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • BannerDrop System for Malls
  • Banner Host System
  • BannerDrop ceiling hoist & SkyBanner (Ceiling Banner) at Simon Roosevelt Field
  • Indoor Banner Hoists


Turn empty ceiling space into a revenue-generating opportunity with highly visible, hanging advertisements.

This revolutionary, remote-controlled banner hoist system makes installing large-format banners easier than ever. Absolutely no lifts necessary! Just push a button to raise or lower your media right where you want it, while at the same time reducing labor and insurance expenses.

BannerDrop is powered by an electrical motor system that’s mounted on the ceiling and accommodates a wide variety of hanging banners and displays.

Technical Details:

  • Patent #7234685 B2
  • Aluminum enclosure: 46”x5”x5”
  • Wire cable 1/16” dia with breaking strength of 480 lbs
  • Lift Ratings: 60’ max height
  • 35 lbs max weight (Standard)
  • 140 lbs max weight (Heavy Duty)
  • Powered by discreet hydraulic system
  • 4-channel remote control raises and lowers banners
  • Tubular electric motor 120 VAC @ 60 Hz

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Large-Format Banners

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