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dressing up daytona

Daytona Beach, Florida


As part of a $400 million renovation, Daytona International Speedway promoters were seeking big, new ways to generate revenue through advertising and sponsorships. Hoping to find a cost-effective, easy way to utilize the stadium’s towering exterior walls and grandstands, they called Britten for help.


Built to fit and blend with existing building walls and exterior surfaces, Britten’s BannerRail™ hoist system allows easy, push-button changeouts of super-large format banners from ground level. Lowering liability costs, saving time and labor, Banner Rail™ is an advanced system that delivers perfectly uniform tension on banners up to 16’ H x 40’ W.


Delivering the crisp, finished look demanded by high-end brands, BannerRail™ combined with Britten’s advanced, printing technology delivers huge revenue generating opportunity for promoters looking to sell highly-visible advertising in high-traffic environments.

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