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The most advanced, spring-loaded light pole banner bracket system.

Since 1999, BannerSaver (sold exclusively as StormSpill in the EU) is the world’s original and leading performance banner bracket—making outdoor advertising banners last longer. Wind tunnel-tested to spill 87% of the wind, BannerSaver has survived hurricanes and is the most specified banner bracket in the world. In high-wind, the spring-loaded, wind-release bracket reduces stress on banners and poles. When the wind dies down, the banners return to their original position.

Not only does BannerSaver protect light pole banners, it has been specified by city engineers in six continents because it reduces light pole liabilities, as well as maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, city banner programs can be executed with ease due to quick and easy change-outs.

BannerSaver is 100% manufactured in the United States, and we’re proud of our Made in the USA label.

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Technical Details:

  • Patent #5388794
  • Two-piece cast aluminum base
  • Spring-tensioned assembly
  • Sleeved, removable fiberglass arm
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wall-mounts available

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 FiberFlex buy-online

Interior bracket display system.

These simple banner brackets are ideal for project managers with a limited budget! Made of sturdy, rust-free, cast aluminum, FiberFlex brackets are easy to install and are recommended for temporary installations. The solid fiberglass rod can hold banners with less than 10 sq. ft. in surface area, and has a removable arm with cotter pin.

Each FiberFlex banner bracket set includes:

  • 2 FiberFlex castings
  • 2 fiberglass rods
  • 2 cotter pins
  • 4 stainless-steel screw straps
  • Installation instructions
  • 1-year warranty

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BannerSaver banner brackets are made in the USA and sold only as StormSpill® in EU. For European StormSpill sales, contact our exclusive distributor Bay Media

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