bannersaver™ buoys spirits in beach town |

BannerSaver™ Buoys Spirits in Beach Town

Arcadia, Michigan


Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan is the quiet village of Arcadia. Founded during the logging boom of a bygone era, this historic town holds unprecedented charm. Wanting to showcase the historic, recreational, and seasonal splendors of this lakeside oasis, the Garden Club of Arcadia, headed by Terri Klifman wanted something that would instill town pride and make an immediate impact. That’s why they turned to the BannerSaver™ team, a Britten, Inc. company, for their patented light pole brackets and a selection of pole banners that would promote blissful Arcadia for years to come.


Recent high waters on Lake Michigan had caused significant damage to the public beach and facilities in Arcadia. With repairs and funding far-off, the Garden Club were in search of an achievable project that would hearten residents. Inspired by the pole banners of nearby towns, Klifman and the Garden Club were looking for “something pretty that we don’t have to weed!” They contacted the team at BannerSaver™ to make it happen and the result was 18 custom printed banners that highlighted the history, recreation, natural beauty and seasonality of this tranquil Northern MI town. Contracted with the install as well, BannerSaver traveled to Arcadia, affixing the banners to metal and wood utility poles. Since the package also included the proven BannerSaver™ bracket system, it is ensured that these banners will be buoying Arcadia pride long into the future.


Looking for an actionable project to positively impact the tightknit Arcadia community, Klifman partnered with Britten and BannerSaver™ to make it a reality. Hoping for a rapid turnaround and operating with a modest budget, the single-source powerhouse made the whole process seamless from quote to install. “Once we got going, it was great,” said organizer Terri Klfiman, “They were right on, getting back to us right away!” As for the result, Klifman and the Club were “thrilled about it!” and were pleased to have BannerSaver™ be a part of this project that in no small way will be “the beginning of people getting excited about this town.”

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