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Stage Backdrops

Powerful Branding at Large.

Priority #1 for any live stage performance. Custom stage backdrops for live events, music, and theatre productions are a key component for visually engaging your audience, making your performance more memorable, and “sharable” for fans and spectators on social media.

Any size. Any venue. Our blow-through vinyl mesh and fabric stage backdrops are designed for long term use, worry-free portability and storage. After 35-plus years in the industry, we’ve worked with some of America’s most popular live stage concerts and theater productions. We know what makes a great stage banner and deliver the most complete selection of custom backdrop styles and options in the industry.

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Kenny Chesney Fabric Backdrop at Ford Field

kenny chesney’s 'trip around the sun tour' ...

large blackout vinyl banners

ford® acquires michigan central train station ...

Octagon Side by Side NYC 16

a manhattan music festival celebrating veterans ...

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“havana nights” gala ...

Cabi The Scoop South Hall Blockout Fabric 250x480 001 300x169 2x

outfitting cabi's fashion weekend ...

Thank you for a great job on the Austrian drape. It looks great hanging and it packs nicely when retracted. Love it!

Ed Wannebo, Production Manager / Kenny Chesney


Generally speaking, fabric backdrops are preferred by traveling indoor theater groups, corporate events, and tradeshow organizers looking to create the most stunning visual, stage effects and settings. Fabric backdrops deliver the most vibrant colors while also resist wrinkles when folded for transport between venues.

Choose our dye-sublimated block-out knit fabric for applications that require an opaque banner to address direct lighting issues and combat glaring caused by flash photography. For stages using backlit LED/fluorescent effects, consider our backlit-knit fabric, a lightweight material specially designed to make colors and graphic look incredible when illuminated.

Why go with fabric?

Media Backdrop
Kenny Chesney Stage Graphics

If you’re entertaining at big outdoor events, 70/30 blow-through vinyl mesh (AdMesh 30%) delivers a perfect balance of just enough material to allow your art and graphics to be clearly visible and still allow wind and sound to flow though. Weighing roughly 4-ounce per square yard, vinyl mesh is lighter than fabric yet still rugged and durable for touring bands, festivals, theater groups, and multi-city convention and tradeshow organizers.

Why go with blow-through vinyl mesh?


1. 70/30 blow-through vinyl mesh/AdMesh™ 30%

Recommended for most mobile and outdoor stage use, 70/30 blow-through vinyl mesh (AdMesh 30%) is our most popular stage backdrop material. The “70/30” weave means that for every square inch of backdrop material, 70-percent is material and 30-percent are holes that allow wind and sound to pass through.

By making it less likely that your backdrop will act like a sail in unpredictable weather, using blow-through vinyl mesh rather than fabric or solid vinyl reduces the load on lighting and stage truss structures in windy, outdoor environments.

Ad Mesh 70vs30

2. 30/70 blow-through vinyl mesh/AdMesh™ 70%

Specially designed to hang tough in the windiest conditions, 30/70 blow-through vinyl mesh (AdMesh 70%) counteracts the “sail” effect that stops your backdrops from the billowing that causes stress to lighting and truss structures. It also delivers the cleanest audio when used to cover amps and speaker towers.

Lightweight yet durable, 30/70 blow-through vinyl mesh backdrops can be rolled up (not folded) for wrinkle-free transport. With a higher ratio of holes to solid material, 30/70 blow-through vinyl mesh produces graphics, logos, and imagery that can be less vivid at distance and/or in direct sunlight.

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