OVIO™ Frames at University of Central Florida

Product Spotlight: OVIO™ Frames

by Britten Inc  

Britten’s sleek OVIO™ frames keep banners taut, and easier than ever to install.

OVIO’s revolutionary framing technology for large-format advertisements is designed for professionals. The frame’s robust design allows for an ultra-simple, user-friendly placement. The exclusive ratchet clip technique goes up quickly and tensions the media perfectly, every time. Clean and discreet, OVIO is the ideal support structure for visual displays. The grommets and fasteners are completely masked for a sleek presentation, and it’s never been easier to install and take down!

OVIO™ Frame Product Spotlight

  • Allows for simple, user-friendly installation.
  • Goes up quickly and gives the media perfect tension, every time.
  • No hinges or moving parts.
  • Can be installed flush on any wall, or as a stand alone structure with print on both sides.
  • Standard surface is a milled finish which can be painted, powder-coated or decorated to match any surface color and texture.
  • Withstands major winds, freezing weather, and extreme heat (-31° F to 176° F).

The new OVIO® stretched media system offers impressive flexibility and absolute effectiveness.

Ovio was developed by Vedi of Belgium and is being offered exclusively in the USA by Britten. Years of thought and discussion by designers have resulted in a system that is ideally suited for large format advertisements.

A basic kit includes a single profile section and a few assembly parts, which makes setting up OVIO® frames easy. Installation is also simpler as there are far fewer fasteners than other systems.

The ease of this system saves precious time while assembling, therefore reducing installation costs significantly.

OVIO™ Frame Components

OVIO™ frame installation

How is the OVIO Frame mounted?

Can be mounted to a solid — complete surface (e.g., a wall of appropriate construction of where the unit is to be mounted). Can be mounted to wood, brick, block, metal, EIFS surfaces.

What is the size that can be manufactured?

OVIO Frame can be custom configured to nearly any size up to 26′ H x 130′ W.

Exact specifications are available for each frame produced.

Can any substrate be used for the media?

Britten uses a high-quality vinyl for indoor and outdoor applications.

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